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It’s Not You, It’s Me; Letting Your Recruiter Down Easy

It’s bound to happen, you apply for a job that seems like a great fit, make it past the original “scrubbing” and through the interviews (congratulations) but the more you learn, the less you think you would be a great fit. Let’s talk about a few misconceptions of job hunting and some ways to use… Read more »

FAQ: How Long Should My Resume Be?

There is plenty of information out there on how to get hired, with this series of postings we hope to clarify some of the most frequently asked questions and help to dispel some popular job searching myths. Let’s start with one of the most consistently visited and debated topics- your resume. How long should a… Read more »

Resume Services

Do you want to be sure that your resume is truly a reflection of your skills? Wondering why it seems like you have sent out your resume over and over without a response? Let us professionally review your resume from an “employer” standpoint to make sure that it is the best representation of you, what… Read more »

Resume Tips: The Basics, Formatting & Tailoring

First & Foremost – Save your resume as your first & last name, lose the numbers & abbreviations. Employers don’t need to know that this is “KimsResRevised2011CustSvc”. Use Microsoft Word and or PDF. When saving in a newer version of Word always save as “.doc” not “.docx”—Not everyone has upgraded and .doc will be upwardly… Read more »