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3 Reasons Why You Should Take A Temporary Job

We could certainly talk about percentages and National averages for hiring rates among companies that utilize staffing and temporary employment services but let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather hear about how PSE is actually affecting unemployment in our area? Here are three reasons why taking a temporary position through PSE is a great decision. Catherine– Only a few short… Read more »

Resume Services

Do you want to be sure that your resume is truly a reflection of your skills? Wondering why it seems like you have sent out your resume over and over without a response? Let us professionally review your resume from an “employer” standpoint to make sure that it is the best representation of you, what… Read more »

3 Essentials to Acing an Interview

1)      Be on time: Your arrival time when you get your foot in the door will set the tone for many things; your likelihood to show up to work on time, your commitment to the position and your overall work ethic. Now is the time to be the epitome of punctuality. If you are unfamiliar… Read more »