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The anatomy of the perfect technical interview from a former Amazon VP

Original article can be found here via First Round Capital Neil Roseman is downright tired of hearing Silicon Valley companies say they “hire only the best and the brightest.” No matter how many times they say it, most still make decisions based on gut feel, basic credentials, GPAs, ivy league educations, flashy company names – even… Read more »

How A Staffing Service Will Keep You Sane

      Growth can be a difficult tug of war. On one hand you know you need help, on the other hand you don’t know how long this spike will last. Staffing services were created for just such a conundrum. Don’t waste time sifting through piles of resumes.     Spend your time wisely, meeting… Read more »

3 Reasons Why You Should Take A Temporary Job

We could certainly talk about percentages and National averages for hiring rates among companies that utilize staffing and temporary employment services but let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather hear about how PSE is actually affecting unemployment in our area? Here are three reasons why taking a temporary position through PSE is a great decision. Catherine– Only a few short… Read more »