PSE Resume Service

Do you want to be sure that your resume is truly a reflection of your skills?

Wondering why it seems like you have sent out your resume over and over without a response?

Let us professionally review your resume from an “employer” standpoint to make sure that it is the best representation of you, what you’re capable of and why you should get the job. Your resume should be the ultimate marketing piece for you; if your resume is not doing its job—fire it!

We will not only proof read your resume for common misspellings and errors that spell check and editing commonly miss; we will also help you restructure your content to make sure that it is succinct, accurate and focused.

Many employers have said that they are overwhelmed with the number of resumes they read and have resorted to using software to help them do the sorting. We will help you make sure that your resume goes to the top of the pack and is properly tailored to your field. If you do not have the all important key words relevant to your field, your resume may be getting lost in the filters making it impossible for hiring managers to find you. Don’t turn a competitive job market into an impossible one by not even giving potential employers the chance to see what you can offer!

We will help you carve out the perfect resume to get you hired using our over 40 years of Human Resource, Recruiting & Hiring Experience!

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