A Job Hunting Reality Check

Recently many of my friends and colleagues have come to me with questions on what’s new and different about applying for positions in our fast paced internet driven world of HR. What’s different? Well, a lot really. I will be blunt; there are a few changes you might need to make in your application process,… Read more »

Linda Turns “Temp” into “Perm”

Congratulations Linda Mulgrew on being offered a full-time, permanent position with a local insurance company!  Linda started out as a part-time, temporary employee in 2011. She saw it as an opportunity to get her foot in the door with a great company and prove her abilities as an excellent employee. Linda’s patience, hard work, and… Read more »

Success again, Congrats Peggie Sue!

A few months ago, Peggie Sue Brzezowski started out as a full-time  temporary Receptionist for one of our insurance clients in the Exton area. Understanding the importance of the front desk role, Peggie Sue very quickly proved herself to her supervisors and co-workers. She won their respect with her professionalism, dedication and all-around great attitude. They… Read more »

Making Your Networking Work For You (part 2)

Congrats networker, after reading part one of this blog and running a few tests at recent events, you’re almost ready to go “pro”. Now that you’re close to mastering what you need to do before and during an event, let’s talk about how to maximize your networking experience after you’ve worked your charm. 1) Make… Read more »

How to “Work” Your Networking (Part 1 of 2)

For me there are three basic pieces of networking; what you do before an event, how you conduct yourself during, and how you follow-up afterwards. Let’s start with what you do before and during an opportunity to expand your business and a few basic rules to live by to ensure the best results. Choose events… Read more »

Happy 22nd Birthday PSE!

Thank you to all of our clients, colleagues, candidates and friends;  Patricia Schultz-Enterprises, Inc. just celebrated an amazing 22 successful years in business. Here’s to another 22…and then some!

Congrats to Jeanne Brady!

Jeanne Brady has been working with PSE for over 2 years. She is professional, extremely dedicated and has a great attitude. Over her years with us Jeanne has enjoyed many varied assignments and has recently found an organization to call “home”.  Jeanne started a long-term, temporary assignment as a receptionist with a local biotech company…. Read more »

Another Great PSE Experience!

We recently placed Heidi Milowicki for a week long assignment as a Legal Assistant at  Wusinich, Brogan & Stanzione where she did an excellent job and made a great impression. Here is what her supervisor, Pamela Graham had to say; “Heidi was great! She put her nose to the grindstone and got the work done in a timely… Read more »