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Why Your First Impression Is So Powerful

From “The Undercover Recruiter”  First impressions throughout life are crucial. Sometimes you don’t get a second chance! A first impression can be what you wear, what gesture you make to how you act. In fact, research has shown that non-verbal cues have over 4 times more impact than anything said. Find out more in the… Read more »

8 Ways to Tell Your Employee is About to Quit

Ilya Pozin via LinkedIn Oct 28 2014 Here’s something you already know: Employee turnover can be expensive. In fact, for a mid-level employee, it can cost as much as 150 percent of their annual salary to replace them. This is to say nothing of how long the hiring process takes, how difficult it can be… Read more »

A Job Hunting Reality Check

Recently many of my friends and colleagues have come to me with questions on what’s new and different about applying for positions in our fast paced internet driven world of HR. What’s different? Well, a lot really. I will be blunt; there are a few changes you might need to make in your application process,… Read more »

Don’t Take a Vacation From Your Job Search!

It’s summer, and that means warm weather, sunny days and unfortunately for many, a relaxed attitude toward job hunting. It can be very tempting to “take the summer off” from your job search but this is can be more dangerous than a sunburn. Here are a few reasons why you should hit the job boards… Read more »

PSE Participates in Veteran’s Job Fair, FOX 29 News Coverage

Patricia Schultz Enterprise’s Marketing Specialist, Angela Sikdar, proudly represented PSE at the Coatesville VA Hospital’s job fair. Fox 29’s Bruce Gordon covered the event, can you spot Angela twice?! Thank you CVA for putting this together and Fox 29 for the coverage. We can’t wait to participate in more events like this.

How A Staffing Service Will Keep You Sane

      Growth can be a difficult tug of war. On one hand you know you need help, on the other hand you don’t know how long this spike will last. Staffing services were created for just such a conundrum. Don’t waste time sifting through piles of resumes.     Spend your time wisely, meeting… Read more »

3 Reasons Why You Should Take A Temporary Job

We could certainly talk about percentages and National averages for hiring rates among companies that utilize staffing and temporary employment services but let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather hear about how PSE is actually affecting unemployment in our area? Here are three reasons why taking a temporary position through PSE is a great decision. Catherine– Only a few short… Read more »

What Our Fans Are Saying!

If you’re able to work in Chester County, PSE is the right agency! They back their employees 100% and work hard to find the best fit for each person. Your happiness on an assignment is important to them. This is a great staffing firm, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! – Rachael… Read more »